Raw material

The Sunde Group is dependent upon advanced technology and innovation to be in the forefront of the expandable polystyrene market. Therefore, the company is constantly developing new technology and products that are relevant for the in-house production of EPS products and the purchasers of raw material.

At the production site for Sunde EPS in Norway, there is an advanced research centre for the development of expandable and expanded polystyrene. The researchers work closely with the thermal insulation and packaging areas to strategically develop the products of tomorrow and beyond. The organisation of scientists combines resources with the companies - local engineers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK. All major R&D activities in the Sunde Group are carried out in co-operation with the corporate research centre. As the company is vertically integrated, all new products are systematically tested in-house before being offered to customers.

Our efforts to remain at the forefront have also often resulted in setting standards for the polystyrene industry within the EC. Our commitment is further underlined by certification to ISO quality and ISO environmental standards.