The development of Sunpack packaging from EPS is only limited by the human imagination. The properties of EPS make it ideal to protect and carry all kinds of products. Our designers have years of experience in developing food packaging and protective packaging. The design and production of new products are carried out in close co-operation with the customer, using advanced 3D computer tools in the design phase and methodically testing after production.

                                                                                                 The actual production process shows the possibilities of Sunpack packaging: The components are formed in aluminium mould tools. These are generally of male and female form, with the shape between the two halves of the mould being the shape, being produced.

The mould tool is fitted into a press, which enables the introduction of steam from behind each half of the tool. The steam is introduced through small slotted vents, fitted into the mould tool when it was manufactured. After this process the product is finished and ready for use.