Sundolitt wall insulation

Building walls with Sundolitt is a smart choice. Walls represent the greatest area where heat transfer may occur.   In addition to the excellent thermal characteristics, the material is also windproof. This makes Sundolitt able to withstand extreme tough weather, while it simultaneously lets out moisture from the building. Thus, Sundolitt counteracts to moisture and condensation, resulting in healthier buildings.

As Sundolitt does not absorb moisture it can even be used as insulation in basements and wet rooms. Sundolitt is a rigid material and is therefore widely used as frontage material in buildings and in sandwich elements.

The savings in energy is another example of Sundolitt being a smart choice. The heat loss can be reduced by 70 percent compared to a non-insulated house. This makes Sundolitt a very cost-effective solution.

The Sunde Group supplies a broad range of Sundolitt insulating panels and building systems. The products are offered in a range of densities and sizes. For detailed product information visit the national web-sites.