Sundolitt substructure insulation

Ground insulation is required to obtain a comfortable in-house climate. By using Sundolitt insulation on soil the energy use can be reduced to a minimum. It also protects the concrete against frost damages. Sundolitt ground insulation increases the thermal resistance of the building, and therefore maximises energy efficiency.

Moisture is an important consideration, because inadequately drained water may penetrate the building resulting in damage to other components of the structure. The Sunde Group has Sundolitt solutions that provide adequate drainage of free water as well as giving minimum heat loss. 

Landscape fill uses Sundolitt as lightweight filler to reduce the weight of soil required in gardens and other constructions. Another variation is the use of Sundolitt which reduces the weight of soil in road embankments where poor soil conditions will not bear the weight of normal construction.

The Sunde Group supplies a wide spectre of Sundolitt substructure insulation in a range of densities and sizes. For detailed product information visit the national web-sites.