Sundolitt roof insulation

The heat rises upwards and it is therefore important to stop the energy before it reaches open air. Sundolitt roof insulation is the most effective weapon to keep the heat inside the building. The Sunde Group has Sundolitt insulation for all kinds of roofs, equally appropriate for use in new or refurbished building insulation projects. Sundolitt can handle heavy loads, and the lightweight construction and the large format of the boards makes it simple and fast to insulate large roofs.

Sundolitt insulation boards are useful in flat roofing applications, where they can be adapted to most roof coverings. Insulation boards, cut with a slope from side to side, can be laid to a predetermined design to create a drainage system on a roof. This can be very useful in reroofing applications to re-establish drainage. New roof construction can be simplified by construction of a flat roof deck with the drainage pattern established by the use of sloped insulation.

The Sunde Group supplies a wide spectre of Sundolitt roof insulation in a range of densities and sizes. For detailed product information visit the national web-sites.