Sunpack protective packaging

Sunpack is a premium packaging material that offers outstanding protection. The excellent shock absorbency of Sunpack packaging guarantees the protection of a broad range of products, from white and brown goods to electronic components.

The exceptional durability of Sunpack means that it can effectively protect products from the factory to the home. It is abrasion resistant, yet has a relatively soft surface to protect goods against damage and dirt. Sunpack is made of 98% air, making it one of the lightest packaging materials in the market. It adds very little to the weight of the packaging, thus minimising transport costs and fuel emissions.

The Sunde Group performs the design and manufacture of expanded polystyrene and expanded polypropylene protective packaging. The company can also source and supply related packaging materials such as corrugated and timber components, which are often used in the assembly of composite material packs, where a turnkey service is provided to customers. The Sunde Group supplies a wide spectre of Sunpack protective packaging. For detailed product information visit the national web-sites.