EPS is being recycled

EPS waste is versatile because it can be recycled into new products, or alternatively used as a fuel for power generation. The Sunde Group is working to ensure that the best solutions to the problem of waste management are adopted in order to achieve maximum environmental protection.
The Sunde Group has, in co-operation with recycling companies, established disposal management for EPS-products.  

Sunpack packaging is recycled in three different manners:  

Back to packaging:  It is granulated and blended with virgin EPS foam beads to make new EPS mouldings. It can also be blended with virgin crystal polystyrene and re-gassed to make EPS loose fill packaging. 

Plastic products:  Recycled EPS can be made into video and CD cases, coat hangers and plant pots. 

New products:  EPS can be extruded and made into hardwood replacement, and to make products such as garden furniture, windows and picture frames. 

The same procedure can be applied to EPS building insulation.