An environmentally friendly product

During production of EPS there is no waste which can cause harm to the ozone layer.  However, the effective application of EPS can cut CO² emissions by up to 50%, thereby reducing consumption of fossil fuels which add to global warming. Emissions from controlled and clean burning at high temperatures are less harmful to the environment than the average garden bonfire.

The manufacturing and installation of EPS conforms to the most stringent health and safety standards. Styrene is not classified under the EC's Dangerous Substances Directive and Europe's regulatory authorities do not regard pentane, used to expand the polystyrene granules into the familiar foam, as a health hazard.

On the contrary, EPS has no nutritional value to support fungal, bacteriological or animal growth. This makes it an ideal material for food packaging. In addition, the EPS material does not provoke any allergy and is recommended by several European countries as preferential to rock wool insulation.