1993   Sundolitt GmbH in Goslar, Germany established
1993   Termoplast AS was acquired. Production of packaging.
1993   Production of Sunpack established in Bergen, Norway
1994   New production site at Skedsmo, Sundolitt Oslo, Norway.
1998   Acquisition of Poly Pack in Hirtshals, Denmark.
1999   Styro Sotra was acquired - Norway.
2000   Sundolitt Ltd. Scotland was established.    
2000   Four production plants in the UK were acquired     
             Sundolitt Ltd. Montrose 
             Sundolitt Ltd. Glasgow    
             Sundolitt Ltd. Gateshead
             Sundolitt Ltd. Fort William

2002    Three production plants in Denmark were acquired:

             Sundolitt Billund
             Sundolitt Aars
             Sundolitt Brønderslev
             One production plant in Spain was acquired:





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