1917   Karl Sunde started repair of fishing nets in Spjelkavik, on the western coast of Norway.

1952   Olav Sunde acquired the company Brødr. Sunde.

1953   Development of seine floats in PVC.

1957  The production of Sundolitt insulation started

1960   The first license contract for production of seine floats was signed with
             an interested  party in  Portugal.

             The first reactor for production of expandable polystyrene was installed                       

1961    Plastic Export Co. Ltd. A/S was established for sale of license factories.

             A total of 29 license contracts were entered into until 1987. 

1962   Brødr. Sunde as was reorganised from a personal company to a joint-stock company.
             The company was struck by a huge fire.
             Sundmerc as in Harstad, northern Norway, was acquired. This was the first subsidiary   
             in Norway.







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